Why Reading?

Why Reading?


We're dedicating resources to reading because it is one of the most important skills we can carry through life and because reading comes with a plethora of other important benefits for young students such as expanded imaginations, increased empathy toward others, a broader knowledge of the world around them, and many others!

And honestly, we picked reading because we love reading - and so do you! Reading is FUN! All young students love to listen to their teacher read and love to read their favorite books to friends and family. Many young professionals love to form book clubs and discuss books with their friends. What could be better than harnessing this existing energy and using it to serve those who need it most??

If you don't believe us, here's a bit of food for thought:

Why it makes a difference...The Educational Testing Services reported that students who do more reading at home are better readers and even have higher math scores.

Those who need it most...There is a significant economic reading gap for students: only 16 percent of students eligible for “free or reduced lunch” programs are proficient in reading, compared to 42 percent who are not eligible. (NAEP Reading Assessment) 

Our love of reading...Adult book clubs are on the rise; one survey estimates over five million adults are involved in book clubs in the United States. (Paz Survey of Book Clubs)